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Destination Weddings for Dummies

Destination Weddings for Dummies
Susan Breslow,Sardone

destination_weddingsWant to have a wonderful wedding away from home? “Destination Weddings For Dummies” is your all-in-one guide to getting married out of town, giving you savvy tips on everything from making travel arrangements to hiring vendors to dressing the wedding party.

From Vegas to the Vatican, this hands-on, practical resource helps you arrange a unique, unforgettable wedding anywhere in the world. Focusing on the various ways you can use the Internet in your planning, “Destination Weddings For Dummies” is filled with Web tips, shortcuts, and URLs, as well as instructions for creating your own digital wedding planner. You’ll see how to establish a realistic wedding budget and get your friends and family on board. Then, you’ll choose the perfect location; from Europe to the tropics to the open sea, we’ve done the scouting for you!

You’ll also discover how to: get married legally around the world; know who, when, and how to invite; create your own destination wedding Web site and blog; fit all the basics into your budget- from flowers and catering to the rings, photography, and music; hire wedding pros from a distance; decide on your ceremony’s style; dress the bride, groom, and the wedding party; communicate your plans to invited guests; compare wedding packages; save money on travel arrangements; test-drive your destination wedding site; organize fun wedding activities; and, handle various wedding emergencies.

If money is no object, you’ll also see how to host a blowout wedding and make a splash when you splurge. Whether it’s a small, intimate ceremony in a Hawaiian garden or a large gathering on a yacht in the Mediterranean, “Destination Weddings For Dummies” is all you need to get married anywhere you choose with ease and in style!


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Ο οργανωτής πρέπει να φροντίσει να συνεννοηθεί μαζί τον οίκο του νυφικού για το φόρεμα για να μπορέσει να δημιουργήσει κάποιο στεφανάκι ή να φροντίσει για κάποιο άλλο αξεσουάρ. Continue reading Παρανυφάκια